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Doughboys pp 1-34

I never knew that World War I was the first war to draft soldiers. This caused animosity and rebellion among citizens, especially those who did not want to fight. The government was so adamant about men obeying their drafting orders that the government threatened to humiliate those men who did not enter the draft. While […]

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To Appomattox and Beyond Part 2

It was interesting to read about the Civil War soldiers and their readjustment to regular life after the Civil War. The veterans had to deal with so many things like finding jobs, dealing with disease, alcohol and drug addictions, as well as simply readjusting to civilian life. There were so many veterans and not enough […]

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Co. Aytch Part 2

Soldiers during wars have found ways to keep themselves occupied, ways to keep their minds off the fighting. Watkins thought about home and how he had a girlfriend, Jennie, waiting for him when he returned. It was saddening to read about the family Watkins met while staying overnight with some people. Their son had left […]

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Co. Aytch Chapters 1-12

The book, Co. Aytch by Sam Watkins, was an interesting book. His narrative gave the reader a deeper look into the Confederate Army, allowing the reader to see the joys and hurts of war from his (Watkins) view. Towards the beginning of the book, it seemed that Confederate soldiers wanted to be at war. They […]

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Suffering Soldiers – Week 3

After reading this, I guess it is true that there are two sides to every story. I got the impression from this reading that the veterans were not as sympathized for as in Wages of War. It was interesting to see this side of the argument, the side that claimed the veterans had all they needed but […]

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Wages of War Ch. 3,4, & 5

Henry Knox seemed as though he did not represent the army well. His weight seemed paradoxical to the current plight of the army, that being a lack of food and supplies. Although he was a good representative, his appearance made it seem as though the army was being greedy and that they really did not need supplies […]

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Wages of War Ch. 1 & 2

Many veterans first decided to join the army because of the benefits promised. They were promised clothing and money among other things. It sounded like a good deal, to go fight against the British and when you were done, you received your benefits. It sounded so easy, but to the dismay of the soldiers, it […]

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Diary of Joseph Plumb

Before reading the diary of Joseph Plumb, I thought I would be bored, that it would be a run of the mill war story. But as I read the excerpts, I found myself wanting to keep on reading. As I read the section titled “Split like fish to be broiled”, I was stunned by how […]

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