Before reading the diary of Joseph Plumb, I thought I would be bored, that it would be a run of the mill war story. But as I read the excerpts, I found myself wanting to keep on reading. As I read the section titled “Split like fish to be broiled”, I was stunned by how Plumb nearly escaped death. Instead, his sergeant was killed. Plumb saw so many of his fellow soldiers brutally killed during attacks by the British, but he wrote about them as if it was an everyday occurrence. My thought is that Plumb saw so many soldiers die that he was no longer fazed by the horrible things he saw. It’s sad when someone has to become accustomed to seeing people die…. no one should have to experience that.  More generally, the titles of the entries were vivid, clearly expressing what he saw, titles like “Men were cut up like cornstalks.” 

In the article talking about Joseph Plumb’s enlistment and discharge, I was shocked about how the soldiers were promised so many things, like clothing and land, but received little to nothing of what was promised. Plumb made the comment, “When the country had drained the last drop of service it could screw out of the poor soldiers, they were turned adrift like old worn-out horses, and nothing said about land to pasture them upon.” I do not understand how the government could not repay these soldiers for the sacrifices they made for their country. It seems unfair and definitely disrespectful not to honor them for their service. Honestly, it made me wonder how many veterans in America’s past have never been given the proper respect/honor they deserve. (I assume there are many) I think the least the government could have done was given them clothes and supplies while they were at war, but the government did not even take care of the soldiers after. We can only hope that our soldiers and their families receive all they need and all they are promised but if they do not, it is simply a disgrace.