I never knew that World War I was the first war to draft soldiers. This caused animosity and rebellion among citizens, especially those who did not want to fight. The government was so adamant about men obeying their drafting orders that the government threatened to humiliate those men who did not enter the draft. While this may have motivated many soldiers to join the draft, I think it was wrong of the government to bully people into joining the army. I understand there was a need for men in the army, but humiliation is not the way to go about finding able soldiers.

 I thought it was odd how the drafted soldiers were given parades but the ones that volunteered received no recognition whatsoever. The army refused to acknowledge their service. I think the army may have given parades to the drafted soldiers because those men did not want to fight… they were chosen and were not given the choice to back out. So, in attempts to make being drafted seem more tolerable, the government ordered parades for the newly drafted soldiers. Personally, I do not think the parades made things better; the men knew they were going to war whether they liked it or not. 

I read about how many soldiers were self-interested in the war, with no regard to what was going on internationally. Soldiers thought of the future and what they could get for themselves, which showed little motivation. I noticed less motivation in World War I than in the Civil War and the Revolutionary War probably because the war was not on American soil. It was overseas and was not directly affecting the United States. It is disappointing that the men would not want to readily support their allies overseas. 

I noticed the recurring theme of African Americans being exploited in the Army. The army needed more soldiers, but refused to bring in African American units. When the army was desperate though, the African American units were willing to step up and fight. I think it was really unfair when the army placed many African American soldiers in the trenches. That is the most dangerous area during war, and the army was willing to put them in the front lines. It just seems unfair to me. It was interesting to read about this war, (World War I) and how different it was from the Civil War and the Revolutionary War.