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Greatest Generations Ch. 4-6 & 8

It was interesting to read about women and minority veterans after World War 2. After reading about the women veterans, I was amazed at all that they had accomplished. Even though they still faced resistance because they were women, the female veterans were determined to rise above society and were willing to face obstacles to […]

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Greatest Generations Part 2

I enjoyed reading about the GI Bill. I think it is great how the veterans were given a chance to attend college and a way to find jobs, etc. The postwar experience of a World War II soldier was different from those of World War I and past wars for that matter. The government made […]

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Doing Battle Part 2

I thought this part of the book was a little less interesting than the first part. I thought it was interesting to read about how Fussell adapted into civilian life. He said that the civilians believed the soldiers would adapt quickly to life, but in reality, the exact opposite happened. Fussell said for some soldiers, […]

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Doing Battle/Greatest Generations – World War 2

I enjoyed reading Doing Battle. The fact that it was a soldier’s first hand account of war made the scenes so vivid in my mind. Fussell did not even intend on joining the army. he was interested in photography, not the army. He joined the ROTC not because he was interested in the army but […]

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