It was interesting to read about women and minority veterans after World War 2. After reading about the women veterans, I was amazed at all that they had accomplished. Even though they still faced resistance because they were women, the female veterans were determined to rise above society and were willing to face obstacles to establish themselves in a society that did not think women could do things men could. The question I have is why was society so unwilling to recognize the sacrifice and skills of female veterans or even women for that matter? I think it was because women had never had to take on responsibilities like they had in World War 2 and this was a new concept for the American culture. These women veterans paved the way for women’s rights and established that women could do what men thought they could not. 

After reading, I came to realize that minority veterans is not a subject that is talked about often. It still amazes me that African Americans, Latinos, and Japanese-Americans were willing to fight for our country knowing they may not be appreciated it the end. Most of these minorities wanted recognition, wanting to rise up in society and be seen as a true American; so they enlisted and fought in the war. African American veterans proved to America that they could fight and that they were equal to white men. I was surprised to read that Americans accepted African American soldiers (for the most part) and even the South recognized minority soldiers as patriotic. I believe Japanese-American soldiers suffered the most persecution. After Pearl Harbor any Japanese person was considered an enemy. The book talked about how after Pearl Harbor, Japanese-American men jumped at the chance to join the army, but they were considered possible dangerous. These men were willing to defend American against the country of their heritage. . .. why would they be seen as dangerous? I know it is because they were Japanese and there was always the possibility of sabotage, but really…. why would they jump so quickly at the chance to defend the United States? I felt bad for the Japanese-American veterans. Even though they sacrificed so much, they were not as welcomed by american citizens. People used derogatory terms, not even recognizing them as patriots or heroes.