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Greatest Generations Ch. 7

I thought it was interesting how the public found the end of the Korean War to be a “relief.” The public had had their fill of war and were just waiting for the veterans to return to normal again. The quote at the beginning of chapter 7 was astonishing to me. The man from the 24th Infantry Division was […]

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Female Veteran Interviews

Reading about the experiences of these female veterans was so interesting. Regina Schiffman was a member of the Army Nurse Corps during the Korean War. She enjoyed being in the Army and was an operating room nurse Listening to here account of the war was interesting because she referred to Korea as “camping.” She loved being a […]

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Remembering War The American Way

I think it is interesting how the government was not willing to recognize Korea as a war It was a  “police action,” which many would argue is a war nonetheless. I can’t help but think about how the veterans of the Korean War felt, knowing that their service in what they thought was a war, […]

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Wages of War Chapters 23-27

It is so different reading Wages of War after reading Kovic’s book. Some situations were similar, but in this week’s reading, we saw the government’s perspective. First of all, I was shocked when I read about the U.S. Army Lieutenant Calley, who led the My Lai attack on an innocent village. While I understand the […]

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Born on the Fourth of July Part 2

I have to say, I truly enjoyed reading this book. It put the life of a veteran into perspective. Kovic wrote this book for a reason, to show everyone the truth of what happened after Vietnam. He did not sugar-coat anything; sometimes people may wonder why Kovic wrote about a specific thing in his book […]

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Born on the 4th of July

All I can say after reading this book is that I am shocked. I am shocked by the way the soldiers were treated in the hospital. I am shocked by the horrible scenes of war and in the hospital Kovic describes. I think this is the first author I have read who has been so […]

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